The Self Portrait Exhibition Catalogue


Limited Edition of 100. 

Providing further context on the processes behind the works within The Self Portrait described by the artists themselves, with deeper exploration within ‘Bodies Into Language’ An essay by Bibi Abdulkadir. 

“The Self Portrait is a celebration of Black Women photographers, demonstrating the nuance of not only the stories we tell, but the people behind the lens telling them. The show is an acknowledgement of the value of archiving the photographic history of Black photographers in the UK while simultaneously making visible and remembering the people who were at the forefront (or behind the scenes) of that history.” - Ronan Mckenzie, Curator

Including the works of: Denisha Anderson, Jennie Baptiste, Tino Chiwariro, Christina Ebenezer, Joy Gregory, Adama Jalloh, Olivia Lifungula, Ronan Mckenzie, Christina Nwabugo, Lucie Rox, Amaal Said, Ejatu Shaw and Tori Taiwo.

In Collaboration with WePresent

Design Studio: Studio Nari

The Self Portrait Exhibition Catalogue
The Self Portrait Exhibition Catalogue